Nature Company Purifying and Bottling Water, Juice and
Soft Drinks Ltd. (ULTRA WATER) is a Jordanian company
that was established in Amman in May, 2004. Nature
Company is focused on innovation and business excellence
through applying the latest American technology in water
purification to bring you the healthiest quality water in the
world. It is the only water in Jordan and the Middle East that
is completely free of sodium and impurities.
It took the Company almost ten years of research to start
the projects and to come up with this unique water.

The Truth About Water

Water, the fluid of life, is made of two atoms of hydrogen, joined with a single atom of oxygen (H2O).

  • Pure water (H2O) is a rare substance. In nature, rain water is the best form of pure water.
  • Before water falls to the earth, rain water becomes contaminated with gases such as sulfur dioxide,
    particles of dust,viruses and bacteria.

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